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Jitterbit Image Processor Calibration

Calibration Image

100 x 100 pixels

Calibration Process

To calibrate the Image Processor, take a screen shot of this page and then pass the image to the Image Processor. This will calibrate the application for what your current resolution displays as a 100 pixel-wide image.

As images can be generated with different resolutions, the Image Processor can be calibrated to adjust for a resolution other than the standard resolution. By making a screenshot of this page containing the calibration image, which is 100 x 100 pixels in size, the program can read this image and adjust accordingly for images created on higher resolution monitors. If the images were created on standard resolution monitors, no adjustment is required.

  • You can confirm the required calibration by making a screenshot of this page and then using the menu command Load a Calibration Image… to import the image. The image will be read and the appropriate calibration set.

  • Calibration settings are saved when you exit the application. A previous setting can be reused by using the Calibrate menu item Select an Existing Calibration Setting….

  • Use the Calibrate menu item Enter a Calibration Setting… to enter a custom calibration value.