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Customers participating in the Jitterbit Partner Program OEM tier can request all Harmony branding, assets, and labels be customized and replaced with their own.

These elements can be customized:

To request these changes, contact your Customer Success Manager (CSM).

Login Page

These elements can be customized on the Harmony Portal login page:

  1. URL of Harmony Portal login page.
  2. Page favicon.
  3. Company phone number.
  4. Jitterbit logo.
  5. Banner text and image.
  6. Trial text.

Items 3 to 6 are shown in the following image:

OEM Login

Harmony Portal

These elements can be customized on the Harmony Portal page:

  1. Jitterbit logo.
  2. Product name.
  3. Support contact information.
  4. Visibility of the statistics panel.
  5. Replacement of the name Jitterbit everywhere in the Support, Learning, Training, and Documentation panel.


The visibility of each Harmony application is determined by the user’s entitlements.

Items that can be customized are shown in the following image:

OEM Portal

Email Communications Templates

Company names, addresses, URLs, and other parts of the following Harmony system emails can be customized:

  • Confirmation of password change.
  • Notification of a duplicate user registration.
  • Account reset for forgotten password.
  • Account reset for forgotten login name.
  • Notification of password reset.
  • Two-factor authentication code.
  • Invitation to join organization.
  • Registration email validation.
  • Confirmation of role assignment.