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Harmony Connector Builder

You don’t have to be a developer to create a branded connector. The Harmony Connector Builder provides a no-code interface for organization administrators and users to create standards-based HTTP/REST connectors. The Connector Builder UI allows you to create a custom connector that will become available in the design component palette that is accessible to other users in your organization.

Connectors built with the Connector Builder can be used with both Private Agents and Cloud Agents.

To build a connector with the Connector Builder, you need to have available—and to be able to understand—API REST documentation (including Open API Standards, formerly known as Swagger) for the endpoint that you want to connect.

Users who build connectors using the Connector Builder should have sufficient technical background to understand API documentation, schemas, metadata, and operations.

Only connectors built on HTTP for REST—using anonymous authentication (no username or password) or basic authentication (username and password)—are currently supported. OAuth 2.0 is not currently supported.

Where can I learn more?

Complete documentation on the Connector Builder is available at Jitterbit’s Success Central.

What connectors can I create?

The connector must be based on HTTP/REST standards. If you can connect to the endpoint using our generic technology-based HTTP connector, then you can build it as a branded connector using Connector Builder.

What if an HTTP/REST API isn’t available?

If other APIs are available, such as a Java API, you can use the Harmony Connector SDK to build a connector. See the Connector SDK documentation for details.