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Getting Started with the Connector SDK


In order to use the Harmony Connector SDK and build a connector (either the example Dropbox connector or a custom connector of your own making), you’ll need to complete these requirements:

To build the example Dropbox connector, you’ll also need to:

A copy of the Harmony Connector SDK library is included as a component of the Dropbox connector and can be obtained by cloning the repository.

Dropbox Connector Tutorial

We recommend that all developers of a connector first build, run, and test the example Dropbox connector to work out any issues in your development process and settings.

To assist you, the Dropbox Connector Tutorial covers:

  • Building the example Dropbox connector
  • Registering the connector
  • Editing the manifest
  • Building the JAR file package
  • Installing the connector
  • Running the activities of the connector in different scenarios