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Developing Citizen Integrator Recipes

A Citizen Integrator recipe is a reusable integration template that provides a step-by-step guide through Citizen Integrator, accessible using the Harmony Portal. Citizen Integrator recipes can be used by members of a Harmony organization so they can easily configure a Harmony Design Studio integration for a specific use case.

Creating New Recipes covers the manual creation of Citizen Integrator recipes. Recipes can also be created using the Citizen Integrator interface (see Citizen Integrator - Generate or Edit Recipe).


Citizen Integrator recipes are created from Design Studio projects. For Cloud Studio, instead use Cloud Studio Integration Recipes or Cloud Studio Process Templates, available through Jitterbit Marketplace.

The Jitterbit Command Line Interface (jbcli) is a command-line tool for interacting with Citizen Integrator recipes. Once logged in to Harmony through the jbcli, you can manage your own recipe repository by downloading, validating, uploading, updating, generating, deploying, or deleting recipe metadata and Design Studio Jitterpaks.