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Jitterbit Developer Portal


The Jitterbit Developer Portal provides documentation and resources for developers wishing to extend the Jitterbit Harmony platform by creating connectors, plugins, and integration recipes.


  • Connector Builder: The Jitterbit Harmony Connector Builder provides a no-code interface for organization administrators and users to create standards-based HTTP/REST connectors.

  • Connector SDK: Connectors allow end users in Jitterbit to connect to and interact with endpoints, and a custom connector built with the Jitterbit Harmony Connector SDK extends the capabilities of the endpoints a Jitterbit Harmony Cloud Studio project can connect to and interact with. Connectors built with the Connector SDK are not limited to HTTP/REST APIs (as is the Connector Builder) but can use any API provided by an endpoint.

    The Connector SDK is a Java library for developers to create custom connectors. The Connector SDK offers the most control over creating connectors, but requires a developer familiar with standard Java development practices and tools, such as Maven, Docker, Postman, and Git.

  • Custom Plugin: Using the Jitterbit Harmony Plugin SDKs, you can create and publish your own plugins for use with Private Agents.

  • Citizen Integrator Recipes: A Citizen Integrator recipe is a reusable integration template that provides a step-by-step guide through Citizen Integrator, accessible using the Jitterbit Harmony Portal. They are intended for use with Jitterbit Harmony Design Studio, and are distinct from Cloud Studio Integration Recipes.

  • Tools: To assist the development and documentation of projects and connectors, Jitterbit has available a number of tools. These tools are unsupported and available under license.

  • Legal: These pages list information on licenses, trademarks, included or linked libraries, and dependencies of Jitterbit Harmony and this website.