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Jitterbit Developer Portal


The Jitterbit Developer Portal provides documentation and resources for developers wishing to extend the Jitterbit Harmony platform by creating connectors, plugins, templates, and recipes.


  • Connector Builder: Harmony Connector Builder provides a no-code interface for organization administrators and users to create standards-based HTTP/REST connectors.

  • Connector SDK: Connectors allow end users in Jitterbit to connect to and interact with endpoints, and a custom connector built with the Harmony Connector SDK extends the capabilities of the endpoints a Harmony Cloud Studio project can connect to and interact with. Connectors built with the Connector SDK are not limited to HTTP/REST APIs (as is the Connector Builder) but can use any API provided by an endpoint.

    The Connector SDK is a Java library for developers to create custom connectors. The Connector SDK offers the most control over creating connectors, but requires a developer familiar with standard Java development practices and tools, such as Maven, Docker, Postman, and Git.

  • Jitterbit Partner Program: Reseller and OEM members of the Jitterbit Partner Program can rebrand and integrate Harmony applications into their own with white labeling and embedded solutions.

  • Marketplace recipes and templates: Jitterbit Marketplace provides different assets for the creation of Harmony Cloud Studio projects. These pages describe how to prepare Cloud Studio integration recipes and process templates (using best practices) for inclusion at Jitterbit Marketplace.

  • Citizen Integrator recipes: A Citizen Integrator recipe is a reusable integration template that provides a step-by-step guide through Citizen Integrator, accessible using the Harmony Portal. They are intended for use with Harmony Design Studio, and are distinct from Cloud Studio integration recipes.

  • Custom plugins: Plugins are Jitterbit’s deprecated method of extending Harmony’s native capabilities. The recommended and supported way to extend the Harmony platform is by using the Connector SDK.

  • Legal: Information on the Jitterbit Master Subscription Agreement and managing consent for this website.